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Natural Elements Never Goes Out of Style

Interior Design is totally subjective and everybody is attracted to different things. It’s flexible and creative. You might not embrace every new trend that comes along, or you might want to refresh your space from time to time through small changes, and sometimes big changes. For me, I always think my home is never completely finished. To me it’s like a never ending process.

The latest trend always changes, so it’s difficult to identify what’s going to look chic and what’s going to look dated. However, in my opinion, natural elements never go out of style. Have you ever walked into a forest and thought that it looks dated? I’m sure nobody did! I think decorating with natural elements add texture and depth to your design style. Offsetting rough with soft, shiny with matt, and coarse with smooth creates depth and interest and makes the room more dynamic. Currently I'm so obsessed with muted colours, natural materials, dried flowers, vintage items and mid-century modern design style. I love to incorporate them in my style. I think it's very aesthetic!

Since people are spending more time at home, they cannot travel, so the current trend is to bring nature to home. More natural, wooden, earthy items and warm tones are highly recommended for 2021 design trend. Using the colour palette provided by nature is the hottest colour trend now. Designers are going for more warm neutrals this year. The new neutrals are warming and creates a calm yet uplifting space to retreat to from the outside world.

I personally always liked neutral decor style. Grey and white were in my list for quite a while but now I’m shifting away from cool grey and white to more yellow based neutrals. Beige, camel and different tones of warm neutrals are on my palette now. A room done in yellow based beige will look very harmonious and pull together. But of course you need to add texture and different tones of the beige to add some contrast and depth to the scheme. It’s so comforting to the eyes!

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