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Mixing Modern Items with Vintage

Mixing modern items with vintage is a great way to incorporate and achieve your decorative goal. Because this approach keeps a home fresh, adds contrast & depth, and ultimately creates balance.

Adding Items like antiques, vintage finds, DIY projects, family heirlooms, or better still, things from your travels makes your house visually interesting. It tells the stories about your life and represents who you are.

I do not want my home to look like a showroom. A showroom is not a home. Showrooms and Pinterest pictures are meant to give you ideas & inspiration. Do not style your home according to a Pinterest picture. You don’t want your guests to say, ‘’oh wow your home looks like ‘Pinterest home’! We want to hear, ‘Wow, your home is unique!’’.

Buying everything new from a showroom and setting them up in your home doesn’t represent you or your style. I think it’s not aesthetic. It’s fun to source things from different places. Buying everything new from a store is not creative. It’s easy, and anybody can do that. But when you mix-match different items cohesively, it shows your creativity and makes your home stunning!

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